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Cancellation Policy
  1. Request for cancellation can be made even after payment has been completed as long as the seller has not despatch the goods from the warehouse.
  2. Request for cancellation must be in writing through email sent to However, buyers are advise to call/sms/whatsapp to +601131478286 to put in verbal request to ensure that handling of order are put on hold until written request is received.
  3. All cancellation made as per above WILL NOT incur additional charges. However, if in any case there is an exception to the above condition, all charges will be first be conveyed to the buyer before any further actions.
  4. Exception to the above includes:
    • Technical condition arises in the process that result in seller NOT receiving any written instructions within stipulated time and orders has been sent.
    • In the event the buyer were to relay the order, cancelled and re- order the product again for any reason(s) not acceptable by the seller and such situation has cause the seller some monetary loss.
  5. All cancellation must obtain the approval of the seller and seller’s decision is final.
Return/Exchange/Replacement Policy
  1. Request for return/exchange/replacement must be within 7 days following date of receiving of goods. The receiving date that the company accept will be the date as stated on the courier consigment note.
  2. Every request for return/exhange/replacement must be accompanied with a photo that clearly show the reason(s) for request.
  3. Criteria for return/exchange/replacement will be subjected to the following conditions:
    • The goods is damage and/or broken upon receiving of parcel.
    • The goods has missing items or incomplete set as per descriptions due to manufacturers fault.
    • Change of mind within 7 days of receiving the goods with strict condition that the goods are in the condition as per send with no sign of physical impairment that is not acceptable by the seller.
  4. Request for return/exchange/replacement WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED for the below reasons:
    • Change of mind after 7 days of receiving the goods.
    • The product is used, destroyed, damaged and/or missing in parts (incomplete set) due the fault of buyer.
    • Customised product.
    • Components of the goods (including free gift) has been used or lost.
    • When buyer did not follow the istruction of use as stated in the product.
    • Any unsatisfactory reason(s) by the buyer where the seller has clearly declared in the packaging.
    • When too much time has passed and product value has so decreased that its re-sale is not possible, even after pre-informing the seller within the 7 days grace period.
  5. All request for return/exchange/replacement must be in writing through email and send to within the stipulated time. The request must be clearly described as to the reason(s) for return/exchange/replacement and be accompanied by photos of the stated reason(s). Clear information is necessary to facilitate the approval of return/exchange/replacement.
Cancellation/Return/Exchange/Replacement Process

Any request of cancellation/return/exchange/replacement will be subject to the below process and condition:

    • Request from buyer must first be received in writing.
    • Seller will then reply and acknowledge receipt of request through writing. All request process time is 3 working days where decision’s by seller will be sent to buyer in writing.
    • All cancellation request will be deem as closed once approved by seller unless falls under the exceptional condition as mentioned under Cancellation Policy, where further actions in this situation will be on a case to case basis.
    • Once the approval has been accepted by the buyer, the seller will then give specific instruction(s) to the buyer to proceed with the return/exchange.
    • All replacement of missing parts will be handled by the seller within 3 days after approval.
    • Once the above has been completed to the satisfaction of both buyer and seller, the issue is deemed close.
Refund Policy
  1. Upon approval of cancellation/return/exchange/replacement, all necessary refunds will be made within 3 days.
  2. The refunds will be made through either a direct bank in or bank transfer or in any other methods deemed suitable to the buyer and is agreable to the seller.
  3. All refund amount will be clearly stated in the approval process and NO OTHER REQUEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED after the amount has been transferred and completed by the seller unless due to the fault of seller.
  4. All refunds will be made in the currency transacted.